Today’s Hair and Make Up

My make-up and hair for today. I’m not really pleased about my hair color, the aim was more blonde (I have dark brown/reddish hair because I often dyed my hair with henna), but it is more red and orange. I leave it this way for a few weeks so I won’t lose all my hair because of the bleach :)



Blazer is from H&M

Enjoy your Monday!

Every Day Make Up with Photos

The start and the result (I forgot to make a photo without any make-up, so that’s why you see the concealer already)

Before I used the concealer, I have put some cream on my face. After the concealer I fixed it with translucent powder.

Dark brown eye shadow with a bit shimmery over my whole eyelid.

Lighter eye shadow under my brow and blended together with the darker eye shadow.

Giving my brows more depth with the same brown eye shadow (just a little bit!). Finally I put a bit of mascara on my eyelashes. Because the make up is for daytime, I did not use much mascara, the dark eye shadow creates already the look I want.

Blush! If I don’t use blush, people often think I am a bit sick or tired :)

The products I have used

Et Voila, the result!

Have a lovely day!